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Wheeler's Towing

Welcome To WHEELER'S TOWING (678-201-2416) - family-operated emergency wrecker service company & vehicle towing service, dispatching tow trucks (also limited-service vehicles) amid West Georgia plus Metro-Atlanta's Southside...

Our vehicle towing service team directs tow-trucks and various wrecker service vehicles from Douglasville, Whitesburg, Newnan, McDonough, and Jackson, Georgia to YOU. We have your car towing, equipment moving, motorcycle hauling, truck towing, and immediate breakdown service needs covered! We can make planned hauls, or handle immediate emergency towing situations.

Emergency Wrecker Service & Breakdown Towing Services Needed NOW?

Do you need emergency wrecker service or a towing company immediately? Are you nervously stranded or stuck? Having car or truck trouble? Breakdown towing service desired? Vehicle hauling required? Flat tire changing needed? Accident towing wanted? Need jump-starting? Commercial towing services a must? Do not worry. Help is only a telephone call away. You do not pick and choose to have problems. Off-duty, we don't either. We understand. Please contact us today.

Why Wheeler's Towing Services Are Right For Your Wrecker-Towing Service Needs

This West Georgia-based towing service possesses 35 years of wrecker service, towing, & hauling experience with low rates, quality help, and a friendly and honest work ethic. We truly care about your emergency needs, breakdown service, commercial towing, and routine transporting needs.

In today's trying economic climate, wrecker service customers deserve and expect their vehicle towing to be done safely, correctly, and at a reasonable rate or cost. As such, everyone is in this thing together, and we at Wheeler's Towing understand. Our work is fully insured, and our team consciously provides clients with a solid "big bang for their bucks." Rest assured, jobs booked here are done properly on all fronts, and in an efficient manner. Your time and property are important. We know and appreciate these facts.

West Georgia/Atlanta South-Metro Towing Service Hours

Our company operates Monday-Friday from 7am until 6pm (sometimes beyond) providing wrecker-towing services throughout Henry County, Coweta County, Carroll County, Butts County, and Douglas County, Georgia. Upon occasion, special hours may be negotiated. (This is especially true with respect to commercial hauling projects.) We specialize in win-win situations. The better job we do, the better deal you get, and the better reputation we maintain. This firm is anchored amid the areas it serves.

Towing Connections And Community Involvement

Please feel welcomed to "click" and look around our website at the various wrecker services we gladly provide. We are here for individuals and families; and, if you manage a local service station, mechanic's shop, motorcycle distributorship, commercial business with forklifts/generators, or a car dealership, we would also like to establish a relationship with you! In no way are our services at all in competition with yours, as we are strictly of breakdown and towing service help to our roadside clients.

Towing, hauling, and wrecking services are our business; yet, relationships and our standing within the communities we service are what allow us to function as we do. Our towing company is large enough to handle your needs, but small enough to know you personally. With us you deal with real human beings, not machines. In fact, we like to support local youth sports programs to the extent we can. Our ties to Douglas County and Henry County are each particularly strong.

Yes, if you need moving or wrecker towing across Georgia, we will either do it, or help you find someone else that will. That is our personal promise.

We At Wheeler's Welcome Your Call Today @ 678-201-2416. Thank you for your time and consideration...